It’s true! Bravecto have released a new product that protects cats for up to 3 months against ticks and fleas. For a long time it has been difficult to protect cats against ticks due to a lack of practical and user friendly products, now MSD Animal Health have released a simple TWIST’N’USE tube that makes the spot-on application easy and convenient. 

The new Bravecto spot-on for cats can be used from 11 weeks of age and also helps reduce flea allergy dermatitis by controlling the adult fleas. 

Bravecto also has a new product out for dogs! Same as the new Bravecto for cats, Bravecto for dogs is also a spot-on treatment that comes in a simple TWIST’N’USE tube. Bravecto for dogs lasts up 6 months for paralysis ticks and fleas and up to 12 weeks for brown ticks. 

Bravecto for dogs can be given to pups from 8 weeks of age and any dogs that are pregnant and lactating. 

Ask us today about this amazing new product. Each year we see so many pets affected by the deadly paralysis tick and we know how easily it can be prevented. Don’t wait, the ticks are here and are not going away anytime soon!