Small Animal Vet

At our North Nowra Veterinary Hospital and Jervis Bay Veterinary Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of services to assist us with all your pet’s needs. We’re committed to not just treating sick and injured animals, but providing for their needs when they’re healthy too.

Our staff members are not selected just for their love of animals, but for their expertise and their willingness to learn and grow as veterinary professionals. That’s why we encourage them to attend regular conferences and seminars, where they can develop new skills and hone their old talents at pet care.

We are fortunate to be equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment that enables us to provide you with fast and reliable medical and surgical care for your pets. We’re also proud to have our own Cat and Kitten Adoption Program, where we pair up kittens and adult cats with responsible and loving new owners.



Our veterinarians are highly skilled professionals experienced in performing a range of procedures while keeping your pet as comfortable as possible.

Regular Care

Annual physical examinations ensure your pet's health, wellbeing, behaviour and diet are all in order. Microchipping, vaccinations, fleas, ticks and worming treatments and dentistry are all part of this.


We are fortunate enough to have in-house diagnostic equipment and services that allows us to provide fast results on your pet’s health, including a comprehensive range of lab tests, ultrasound and x-rays.


If you are ever concerned about your pet outside of normal opening hours, please do not hesitate to phone either of our clinics to be directed to the after hours emergency mobile.


We are the only veterinary hospital on the NSW South Coast to offer radiation treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism.

Pet Acupuncture

Dr Kristy Gilbert is our Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist offering acupuncture as part of a holistic approach to a vast array of conditions, behavioural problems, and in palliative and geriatric care. 


Finding out that your pet has cancer can be an extremely distressing time. With today’s advancement in Veterinary medicine many patients can achieve cure from this awful disease if treated early.


Dr Amanda has spent a lot of time honing her skill with exotic pets, whether your companion has scales, fur, feathers or floppy ears, Amanda has the skills and knowledge to take good care of them.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an exciting and relatively novel technology, whereby the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near infrared) are used to create therapeutic effects. These effects include accelerated tissue repair and healing, and reduction of pain and inflammation.


Here at the North Nowra Veterinary Hospital we happily re-home kittens and some older cats to responsible new owners.


We offer puppy training and socialisation classes for the NSW South Coast for both our North Nowra Veterinary Hospital and Jervis Bay Veterinary Clinic for puppies aged between 6 - 16 weeks.

Cat Boarding

Our cattery is completely indoors in the comfort of reverse cycle air conditioning with natural sunlight lighting the room.

Wildlife Rescue

Find out what to do if you find injured or unwell native wildlife in the Nowra and Jervis Bay areas, including possums, kangaroos and wallabies.

Latest News

New Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy? Laser Therapy, or “photobiomodulation”, is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to create therapeutic effects. These effects include accelerated tissue repair and healing, and reduction of pain and inflammation. Laser...

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NEW BRAVECTO TWIST'N'USE It's true! Bravecto have released a new product that protects cats for up to 3 months against ticks and fleas. For a long time it has been difficult to protect cats against ticks due to a lack of practical and user friendly products, now MSD...

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Indoor toileting problems in cats

INDOOR TOILETING PROBLEMS IN CATS Marking or toileting? Indoor marking behaviour can be confused with a breakdown in toileting behaviour. Territorial marking by urine spraying which usually occurs against vertical objects such as chairs or walls and can be...

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 "They all love animals"

Understanding that some couples who have kids and grandkids, treat their animals like people. Having well trained staff, who get to know us quickly, and who are always so nice, helpful and efficient. They do great follow up calls to monitor their patients, and if they say they will call back, they actually do call back. They love animals and are very involved with their work.

"You guys are simply the best"

Thank you for providing a cattery where our 2 cats have stayed several times, and get outstanding care. They come home each time so relaxed - none of this tail and nose in the air for 48 hours story. The result is we go away and have no worries about our cats.

"Always the best care for our fur babies"

I have always been a client of North Nowra Vets. Their care and compassion is so heartfelt. They care for my cats as if they were their own. Always available for emergency after hours calls. I also use the cattery when we go away and have never had a cat ignore me afterwards. We will remain a loyal customer at North Nowra Vets because they care.

"My best respect to all who are part of this team"

These vets, Cathy and Quentin and their team, I cannot speak more highly of their knowledge and care, it is wonderful and you never leave you pet for surgery wondering. They all have a true love of animals. My best respect to all who are part of this team. Well done.

"Visits are never rushed and our dog's checkups are very thorough"

We have always found Kathy, Quentin and staff very pleasant and helpful. Visits are never rushed and our dog's checkups are very thorough. The options for treatment are clearly explained so the best choice can be made. Our dog has the intelligence and strong will that his breed is known for but he is always very happy even excited to go to the North Nowra Veterinary Hospital and that surely is a strong a recommendation as any.

"Everyone is so welcoming and friendly!"

From a  client's perspective, or 'owner of your patient', you have many years brought the "whole package" together in relation to you practice. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly which is great for both human and animal. I have for many years been referring friends, neighbours, acquaintances and clients from our own business to you knowing that they will receive professional care and excellent diagnosis.

"It's all about the little things you get right!"

It's not easy to say specifically which one thing makes for your customer service, as it's all about the little things you get right, such as keeping staff for long periods of time, so we see familiar faces and hear familiar voices on the phone. The fact that a number of people want to stay sends a powerful message that it's a good place to work.

"I pass 3 other clinics to get to you"

A lot of people ask me why I go out of my way to go to your clinic. It's because you have always given the best possible care, the centre is always fresh looking and a smile always available. At first I felt a bit apprehensive seeing someone other than Cathy or Quentin. But each and every time my distress has been eased with the knowledge and support given by all the team. I have always received 110%.

"Thanks for providing a hassle free service and a happy place"

I am pretty impresses when whoever is on the counter manages to call up Xena's details as I'm walking through the door so that by the time I reach the counter it's all up on the screen waiting for whatever has to be done. It's great and really efficient!! Thanks for the hassle free service and a happy place to walk into!

"I couldn't be happier with the service and care for my dog!"

Upon arrival I was very nervous as this was my first time taking my dog to Jervis Bay Vets. I had recently moved away from a hospital I was unhappy with. I could not recommend the Veterinary Clinic enough, the team are like a family and the veterinarian spent quality time with pet addressing the concerns I had. I am very happy.

"The vets took every precaution"

Thankyou to the vets and staff that saved my beautiful dobermann bitch "Sophie", I am a dog breeder and was very impressed with the communication between the vets, they were thorough, caring and professional, with a complicated medical condition (VWD). The vets took every precaution. I would recommend their services, your dog is in great hands here.

"Acupuncture Works!"

Our Great Dane has anxiety issues, for which she is being medicated. These medicines worked quite well for a time, but her anxiety started to increase, so we gave acupuncture a go. The difference was noticeable after the first treatment, and she continued to improve. After a few treatments she plateaued, and has been without treatment for a few months now, and still going well – she is much happier and calmer. I highly recommend giving it a go in Kristy's very talented hands.

"Our girl Freyja has a better doctor than us!"

Every time we visit the vets they always go above and beyond for us. I always feel like they put in so much time for us. They also know how to handle one big wriggly great dane!

"I have never been to such a good vet!"

I am so glad I finally found a vet that really understands my anxious dog! All the nurses and vets are always gentle with my dog! Thank you!