In both our branches on the NSW South Coast we have designated areas for all types of surgical and non-surgical procedures to ensure quality patient care. We have specially designed areas that allow for our procedures to run smoothly and efficiently. Surgery is performed in sterile areas with only the highest of quality, modern and safest equipment throughout your pet’s procedure. Our Veterinarians are highly skilled professionals experienced in performing a range of procedures that includes de-sexing, lump removals, caesareans, major orthopaedic surgery, soft tissue surgery and many more.

Preparation and monitoring

Whilst our surgical rooms are always keep sterile, so too is our equipment. All the instruments used throughout your pet’s procedure have been cleaned and placed through an autoclave machine where they are sterilised under extremely hot high-pressure steam. The surgical gown and gloves that your veterinarian wears has also been placed through the autoclave machine to be sterilised.

Your pet is kept warm during their procedure with our ‘Bear Hugger’ warming blankets that are filled with a constant flow of heated air. Your pet’s health and anaesthetic is monitored continually throughout their procedure and throughout their recovery.

Postoperative Care

Postoperative care after any procedure is incredibly important to you animal’s recovery. Our veterinarians and veterinary nurses monitor your pet very closely after their procedure and up until the time they go home. Your pet will be given the required medications during their procedure so they wake up comfortable and pain free. Your pet will likely be discharged with further oral pain relief to keep them comfortable whilst at home.

The nurse will check your pet’s vital signs regularly (temperature, heart rate, blood pressure) after their procedure. They will ensure your pet is warm by placing heat packs/discs and blankets in their bed so they can recover feeling warm and reassured. Your pet may even get to wake up in the arms of one of our highly skilled nurses or vets. This is because we are truly compassionate about animals and understand that animals cannot communicate like humans do, so ensuring they feel loved and safe is incredibly important to us.


Introducing our wonderful, caring vets at the North Nowra Veterinary Clinic and Hospital near Bomaderry on the NSW South Coast, that will work with you to provide the best healthcare for every stage of your pet’s life. They are very approachable and willing to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s wellbeing.


A surgical procedure that removes a section of the animal's reproductive system.

Orthopaedic surgery

Our veterinarians are qualified to perform orthopaedic surgery to repair damaged or defected bones and joints.


Lump Removal

Most lumps and bumps are harmless but some can be dangerous and may be cancerous, so we highly recommend a vet examination.


Some pets require us to look further down their nose, oesophagus, stomach, trachea, bronchi and lungs for further investigation.

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Brachycephalic Syndrome

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Laparoscopic Desexing

Laparoscopic Desexing

Laparoscopic desexing offers an alternative method of desexing female dogs and cats from the traditional ovariohysterectomy. It is increasing in popularity amongst both veterinarians and pet owners as it can offer a number of significant benefits.

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Laparoscopic Assisted Gastropexy in Dogs

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As always, I am very confident that both my fur babies will receive the very best of level of care, kindness and compassion when we visit, from reception staff, to the vet nurses, and the vets, they are all thoroughly fantastic! - Linda

I think your practice is brilliant I’ve been with you for about 10 years with various dogs mainly my jack that was put down and you were all beautiful about that made me feel so much better in a very difficult time for us he was 17 years old he was our baby. - Penelope

"Excellent service"

Excellent service from all concerned at Jervis Bay Vet. Reception were very pleasant and kept us informed on our arrival. Anna (our Vet) was so helpful and understanding. One of our dogs is a very difficult customer! And she is so patient and caring! Everything is explained and we leave very happy with our visit. - Julie

"I just love the care I receive for Millie Waterworth even though she hates being there"

- Michelle

"I’m visiting from out of state and my dog got a sore on his face that was weeping badly, after explaining the problem the vet got me in within an hour of contacting them"

- Terry

"We couldn't be happier that our babies are being given the absolute best care"

We have two dogs, one elderly and one a puppy, with unique health needs. We also have three cats, one with a chronic health condition. At Jervis Bay Veterinary Clinic, all our pets get the care they need, and we’re always given detailed, easy-to-understand information regarding their treatment. We couldn't be happier that our babies are being given the absolute best care. Special mention to our usual vet, David, who always looks after our old girl, Brandy, with much patience and gentle care. - Jen

"Couldn’t be happier"

The entire experience was excellent. We saw Dr. Sam- such a professional who has a lovely manner with my dog and with me, too. - Paul

"Highly recommend Jervis Bay Vet the staff at both Vincentia and North Nowra are wonderful"

- Daniella

"My best respect to all who are part of this team"

These vets, Quentin, David and their team, I cannot speak more highly of their knowledge and care, it is wonderful and you never leave you pet for surgery wondering. They all have a true love of animals. My best respect to all who are part of this team. Well done.

"Visits are never rushed and our dog's checkups are very thorough"

We have always found Quentin, David and staff very pleasant and helpful. Visits are never rushed and our dog's checkups are very thorough. The options for treatment are clearly explained so the best choice can be made. Our dog has the intelligence and strong will that his breed is known for but he is always very happy even excited to go to the North Nowra Veterinary Hospital and that surely is a strong a recommendation as any.

"Everyone is so welcoming and friendly!"

From a  client's perspective, or 'owner of your patient', you have many years brought the "whole package" together in relation to you practice. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly which is great for both human and animal. I have for many years been referring friends, neighbours, acquaintances and clients from our own business to you knowing that they will receive professional care and excellent diagnosis.

"It's all about the little things you get right!"

It's not easy to say specifically which one thing makes for your customer service, as it's all about the little things you get right, such as keeping staff for long periods of time, so we see familiar faces and hear familiar voices on the phone. The fact that a number of people want to stay sends a powerful message that it's a good place to work.

"Thanks for providing a hassle free service and a happy place"

I am pretty impresses when whoever is on the counter manages to call up Xena's details as I'm walking through the door so that by the time I reach the counter it's all up on the screen waiting for whatever has to be done. It's great and really efficient!! Thanks for the hassle free service and a happy place to walk into!

"Our girl Freyja has a better doctor than us!"

Every time we visit the vets they always go above and beyond for us. I always feel like they put in so much time for us. They also know how to handle one big wriggly great dane!

"I have never been to such a good vet!"

I am so glad I finally found a vet that really understands my anxious dog! All the nurses and vets are always gentle with my dog! Thank you!

"I couldn't be happier with the service and care for my dog!"

Upon arrival I was very nervous as this was my first time taking my dog to Jervis Bay Vets. I had recently moved away from a hospital I was unhappy with. I could not recommend the Veterinary Clinic enough, the team are like a family and the veterinarian spent quality time with pet addressing the concerns I had. I am very happy.