Get your dog’s 4th Synovan injection for FREE!

Today, thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and companion animal care, many dogs are living to a ripe old age.

The Synovan injection is one of the major tools used in veterinary medicine to reduce and manage the signs associated with osteoarthritis.

Synovan is a course of four injections, given at weekly intervals that help to reduce joint inflammation, prevent cartilage breakdown, aid in cartilage repair and increase joint lubrication. These injections have resulted in significant improvement in our arthritis patients for some years, with many returning for the course of injections each year or even every 6 months in many cases.

With winter arriving in the next couple of months, if you are interested in having your dog checked for arthritis with one of our vets and decide to see whether they benefit from Synovan, we would like to offer you the fourth (final) injection in the course free of charge. Just book in your dog’s first injection between with 1st and 31st of May.

Please contact your preferred location to make an appointment.